Build Your Legacy!

Preserve the PAST; guide the FUTURE!

You Are The Author Of Your Legacy!

Every day you live is a page in your book of life. So many pages have already been written and there are so many more to write down. Allow us to insert your book into our digital library to be read long after the last page turns.

You Are The Voice Of Your Legacy!

Leave audio recordings to narrate your life. Allow your journey to be told through your vocal chords so your loved ones hear the passion, pain and joy in each story. Be the podcast of future guidance, where the topic of discussion is you.

You Are The Director Of Your Legacy!

Be the leading role in your biopic. Act out your life events; from the happiest day of your life, to the most fearful moments. Give heartfelt messages looking into the eyes of future generations that tell them “I will always be here for you”

Share Your Story & Leave Your Legacy!

The Guiding Light App is an interactive, safe and simple to use platform that allows you to create and share your stories, photos and videos with your loved ones.

You can do your own documentary by telling the stories you want to share for generations to come.

Our personal stories are what connect us together, now and with our future generations. Old or young, our stories hold value and need to be told.

What’s your story?

Join the Guiding Light family to begin telling your story…

Record Memories Leave A Legacy!

When it comes to planning for the future, most of us only think about finances and possessions. But what about the memories we’ve captured and all the wisdom we’ve gained? What about the guidance we’re able to offer others?

At Guiding Light Legacy, we believe in giving meaning to our memories and sharing them with those who matter most.

For Your Loved Ones!

Guiding Light Legacy is a service that  allows you to record your life stories and wisdom so that when you’re no longer there physically, your family, children and grandchildren will have these memories to cherish.

We often search for ways to remember our loved – especially if they are far away from home or have passed on. You can leave behind memories, advice or encouragement to make them feel closer to you.

It's Never To Late!

No matter the stage in life, it’s never too late to start recording your memories. Old or young, we all have something to share.

Build A Library Of Memories!

We all deserve to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished. Create a digital library of your life, filled with all the important moments. You have a lot of special memories and feelings that shouldn’t just exist in your head.

Record them and save them for your loved ones to experience after you’re no longer with them physically.

Leave A Lasting Impression!

You’ll be able to easily record and save any of your thoughts, memories, and wisdom that you want to share about your life. Allow your loved ones to see the impact they had on you after you leave them physically.

Document what makes you happiest in life – whether it be the moment of meeting your life partner or seeing your child take their first steps.

Leave A Lasting Impression!

 There is no better time to start recording your legacy than now!

Guiding Light Legacy is a safe, simple and affordable way to preserve memories with an easy-to-use platform that allows you to record and share what’s most important.

Come on, do it now! Join the Guiding Light Family!

Don’t let another page in your book turn, don’t let another breathe be taken, don’t let another scene in your movie cut without preserving it for future generations!