Feature Your Legacy!

Preserve the PAST; guide the FUTURE!

All The Right Features!

Each feature has been selected with your legacy in mind. Making the platform easy-to-use, while also being as in depth as possible. Each feature allows you to control what goes into your legacy for generations to come!


Speech to Text

You talk it, your phone types it! No need to worry if typing is to slow or not easy for you to do.

In-App Audio (coming soon)

No need to download an audio app; you will be able to simply press a button and begin giving your wisdom!

In-App Video (Coming Soon)

No need to take up storage in your phone by having to record, then upload. Just press a button and start your story.



Upload your favorite pictures from great times to important moments in your life.



Upload important documents that you need to know the location of; also any passwords you may forget.

Final Wishes

Let your family know everything you desire for your end of life services. Control your legacy til the end.



There is a peace in journaling your thoughts, emotions and goals. Write down the journey of your life in detail.


Save your favorite songs, albums and artists. Music is a large part of not only who we are but reflects how we feel.


Save your favorite movies and tv shows in one place. Show your loved ones how you keep yourself entertained.

Food Diary

Is food your passion? If so, make it apart of your legacy. Save your favorite foods and also save your own recipes.


Rather it’s your favorite book to learn from or your favorite book to pass the time, save it here.

Travel Log

Do you love to travel? This will be the feature for you. Share where you’ve been and where you plan to go.