Memories, How Guiding Light is Revolutionizing the Way We Preserve Them

Preserve the PAST; guide the FUTURE!

How Guiding Light is Revolutionizing the Way We Preserve Our Memories

What are Memories?

Memories are the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we remember from the past. They can be happy, like a family vacation or a birthday party. Or they can be sad, like the death of a loved one. We also have memories of things that we have done, places we have been, and people we have met. Memories are the stories we tell about our past.

Why You Should Preserve Memories

People often search for ways to remember their loved ones, whether it’s because they live far away, or they’ve passed on. One way to do this is by preserving memories. Preserving memories can help you feel connected to your loved ones, even after they are gone.

Preserving memories can offer many benefits. It can help you to:

  • Feel connected to your loved ones
  • Remember the good times you’ve shared together
  • Heal from loss and grief
  • Build resilience
  • Share your stories with others

There are many ways to preserve memories. You can keep a journal, scrapbook, or photo album. You can also write letters or poems or make videos or audio recordings. The important thing is to choose a method that works for you.

When Should You Preserve Memories?

There is no right or wrong time to preserve memories. You can do it anytime you want, or whenever you feel the need. It can be helpful to preserve memories after a major life event, such as the death of a loved one. But you can also do it just for fun, or to remember a happy time in your life.

If you want to leave behind a legacy for future generations, the best time to start is NOW!

The Easiest Memory Preservation Solution

How many times have you wished you could go back and hear your grandparents tell their stories? Or hear your great aunt recount her childhood adventures? We all have stories to share, and with Guiding Light, you can easily capture and preserve those memories for future generations.

The Guiding Light App is an amazing new way to connect with your loved ones and share your stories. This interactive app allows you to create and share videos, photos, and stories with your loved ones all in one place. It’s safe and simple to use, so you can document your own life story or record family tales to be passed down for years to come.

Features of Guiding Light

With the “my diary” features available, you can also keep a record and add entries as often as you like. These features include:

Journal. Much like a typical diary, you can write anything and everything. Take note of every small detail or condense it into a small timeline of your life. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, emotions, and goals with your family and future generations. This is the journey of your life, so make it count!

Gallery. What’s a memory without a photo to go along with it? With the Guiding Light app, you can upload all the best photos you’ve ever captured. Upload pictures from your wedding, your headshot from the high school yearbook, your childhood puppy, or even a casual picnic in the park. The options are limitless! Make sure to record them by uploading the best moments of your life with the gallery feature.

Documents. Got something important you want to share? With Guiding Light, you can upload and share documents with your family. This is the perfect way to share birth certificates, marriage licenses, old letters, or any other physical memories you may have.

This is also a great place to record any accounts and passwords you would like your family to have access to in the future (or if you forget).

Final Wishes. Writing your final wishes can be difficult, but it will give your family peace of mind knowing that your last requests are on file. You can include anything from funeral arrangements to what you would like done with your possessions. It’s a difficult topic to think about, but the Guiding Light app makes it easy to record your final wishes.

Playlist. On a lighter note, you can save your favorite songs into a handy playlist. Music is such a large part of many people’s lives, and it can help your family connect with you on a deeper level. You can include anything from country to rap, classical to metal, and everything in between.

Studies show that music can even help with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia by triggering positive memories. This is because music can elicit strong emotions and tap into parts of the brain that other stimuli cannot reach. Musical therapy is still being researched but having a record of all your favorite songs in one place can make the application easier and can help promote potential benefits for your health.

Watch-list. For some, music is everything. For others, movies and TV are the best sources of entertainment. Share a list of your favorite moves and tv shows in one place. This way, your family will know what to watch when they need a good laugh or a good cry.

Food Diary. Are you a master chef? Is cooking your passion? Do you have a killer grilled cheese recipe that you refuse to share on Facebook? Or are you simply a foodie that loves everything from tacos to grilled lobster tails with stelline and lemon. If so, make it part of your legacy. Save a list of your favorite meals and even your own recipes.

Reading-list. Books can take you to different worlds and introduce you to new ideas, people, and cultures. They can be a source of comfort or a window into someone else’s life. No matter what your reading preferences are, share them with your family in the form of a list. You never know, you might just inspire someone to start reading!

Travel Log. Have you been to every continent? Do you have a list of all the countries you’ve visited? Maybe you’ve only been to your home state, but you’ve explored every inch of it. Wherever your travels have taken you, make sure to share your experiences with your family.


Guiding Light is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to document and share their life story. Whether you’re an experienced storyteller or just getting started, the Guiding Light App makes it easy to create and share your stories, photos, and videos with your loved ones.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, you can create your own personal documentary, tailored specifically to the stories you want to share. And because our personal stories are what connect us together, the Guiding Light App is the perfect way to keep those memories alive for generations to come.

Whether you’re young or old, your stories matter and deserve to be told. Guiding Light makes it easy to do just that. So what’s your story? Let Guiding Light help you share it.

Download the app today!

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