The Reason Behind The Legacy!

Preserve the PAST; guide the FUTURE!

Guiding Light CEO: Darian Jackson

Testimonial Submission: Share with us the reason behind your legacy!

Monica Schultz

“I wish Guiding Light was around for my dad who died of cancer and my mom who is currently suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia so they could have recorded all of their advice and stories for me to help guide my way. I will do my best to build an intellectual footprint for my children and grandchildren to follow! such an amazing concept!”

Rebecca White

“I can’t wait to build my own intellectual legacy for my kids and family I wish this app was around before my dad passed. He would’ve loved to store all his endless stories, memories and guidance for his kids grandkids, and future generations.”

Julia L. Archila-Johnstone

“Well for starters I wish this could have been a thing 10 plus years ago before my pops passed away suddenly. I think it’s truly amazing and will help those who still wanna hear or read what the most important person in their life would say or advice they would give if they were still here. I know that I do think from time to time about what would my dad say or tell me to do right now if he was still here? If Guiding Light was around before he passed I probably would have been able to do that honestly. So I can’t wait to join in efforts for my own children and their future once I’m gone. It’s definitely something to be a part of and get into! Don’t wait till it’s to late! Set your family and kids up now so they won’t have to hurt later after we’re gone.”

Morris Jackson

“You come into this world having no material possessions and when you leave this world you can’t take them with you. Peace with your family and to strengthen them for the future can only be done through your intellectual footprints. Yes, money can buy some good times but it can’t buy trust, friends, true happiness, or love. This can only come through the knowledge, wisdom, and wealth of your mind. This is the best gift you can leave your children’s children. Thanks, Darian Jackson for bringing this platform to the light of life.”

Raven Alexander

“My family has experienced a tremendous amount of loss. The most recent being my Grams. She was the heart of our family and will be deeply missed. Having her mental footprint available to say the words she no longer can would have been a gift. Guiding Light will be the gift I leave my family!”

Tina Bradley

“I’m really excited about Guiding Light. I think the concept is genius. With my mom passing from Alzheimer’s, there were many times that I wished for her advice on the smallest of things to the most life-changing events that have played out in my life. Guiding Light will give me the opportunity to leave my wisdom to the most important people that I love. This for me will be the ultimate gift of my life that I could ever leave yo my loved ones.”